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Agenda Nov 2015
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Chairman – Kath Noble

Roger P Coleman                                                                                                       2, The Laurels

Clerk to the Council                                                                                                    Westwood


Tel:  01225 862770                                                                                                     BA15 2AX


Notice is hereby given that a meeting of Southwick Parish Council will be held at Southwick Village Hall on Tuesday 17 November 2015 at 7.30pm and you are invited to attend.




1.       Welcome and Introductions.

Chairman to welcome those present. 

2.       Apologies.

To receive apologies for non-attendance.

3.       Declaration of Interests.

Councillors to declare an interest, if applicable.

4.        Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on 20 October 2015

To agree, and sign, the minutes of the meeting as an accurate record.

5.       Standing Orders.

To decide whether to delete or to amend the following Standing Order:

‘A seconder is required for each motion proposed prior to a vote being taken by the Parish Council except for motions proposed by the Chair.’

6.       Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT).

a.       To receive a report from the NPT.

b.       Councillors to identify any matters of concern.

7.       Wiltshire Council Report.

Wiltshire Council, Cllr. Prickett to provide a report.

8.       Highways/Environment.

a.       To receive a report on the flooding investigation at Scotland/Ireland.

b.       To decide whether any action is to be taken in respect of the Wynsome Street Laybys.

c.       To decide whether to participate in the Proposed Speed Indicator Device (SID) scheme.

d.       To note the outstanding request for a weight limit for vehicles at Blind Lane and to decide whether to support it.

e.       To receive a report from councillors on any matters of concern and to decide the action required.

9.       Finance.

a.       To receive a report from the Clerk on the current financial position.

b.       To note the Financial Forecast and to decide if any action need be taken.

c.       To agree the payments to be made.

10.     Planning.

a.       To note the status of extant planning applications:


Land at Poles Hole Farm

Photovoltaic Solar Farm of 9.8ha to include inverters, substations, grid connection, access and associated works.



Silver Street Farm, Brokerswood

Construction of New Access and Manage



Land South of Upper Poles House

Change of use from agricultural to equestrian. Erection of two modern streel framed agricultural buildings, parking area and floodlit menage etc.




3 Hoopers Pool

Two storey extension to the south west. Demolition of existing PVC conservatory. Single storey infill extension at rear of property etc.



Land at 1 Lamberts Marsh

Retrospective permission for erection of a 1.05m high post and rail fence and a 1.83m high close boarded fence around the boundary



51 Drynham Road

Proposed caravan storage area (21no. caravans)



Moorefield Farm, Hoopers Pool

Demolition of dwelling and outbuildings and erection of replacement dwelling and detached carport


b.       To decide how to handle any planning applications received after 10 November 2015.

c.       To consider any other planning related matter and to decide any necessary action.

Planning Applications are available for public inspection immediately prior to the Council meeting.

11.     Website.

To review the website management and to decide if any changes are necessary, including the need for content moderation.

12.     Freedom of Information.

To note the latest FoI requests, to note the action taken and to agree any further necessary action.

13.     Members Reports.

Councillors to provide individual reports on any other matters they wish the Council to note.

14.     Clerk’s Report.

a.       To invite the Council to note any other matter that needs to be brought to its attention.

  • Heywood Churchyard - Correspondence

b.       To note the date of the next meeting: Ordinary PC Meeting - Tuesday 15 December 2015 at 7.30pm.

Roger Coleman

Clerk to Southwick Parish Council                                                               10 November 2015


Members are reminded that the Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability), Crime and Disorder, Health and Safety and Human Rights.

Posted on 12 Nov 2015 by geoff edwards

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