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Chair: Cllr Kath Noble, 230 Chantry Gardens, Southwick, Wiltshire, BA14 9QX 01225 352503

Clerk:  Nicola Duke, April Rise, 81 Studland Park, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3HN 01373 864127



Minutes of a virtual meeting of the Parish Council held on

Tuesday 19th January 2021 via Zoom commencing at 7.30 pm.


Present: Cllr Noble (Chair), Cllr Clayton, Cllr Curry, Cllr Eaton, Cllr Heydon, Cllr Jackson and Cllr Pomeroy

In attendance: Nicola Duke (Parish Clerk)


Public Participation

Members of the public were invited to make representations to the Council on any matters relating to the work of the Council or to raise any issues of concern: None.



 2020/87   Apologies for Absence

Cllr Morland, due to inability to attend virtual meetings - accepted.

Cllr Carey was absent.

 2020/88   Declarations of Interest and Dispensations to Participate


 2020/89   Minutes of Council Meetings

 The minutes of the following meetings of the Parish Council were approved for accuracy and adopted:

a)                        17th December 2020 (proposed Cllr Eaton, seconded Cllr Clayton).  It was noted that Cllr Pomeroy had tried to attend the meeting and had subsequently reported apologies for absence.  The Clerk confirmed she would adjust the record accordingly and re-issue the minutes.

b)                       Thursday 14th January 2021 (proposed Cllr Jackson, seconded Cllr Eaton).

 2020/90   Wiltshire Council Report

Cllr Prickett had sent apologies for absence due to a family commitment.  A report would follow, which the Clerk would forward on receipt.

 2020/91   Highways/Environment

a)                        Reports from Councillors on matters of concern and to decide what action, if any, to take:

a.                        Cllr Pomeroy – reported that the pavement outside no 44 Blind Lane and 78 Southfields was obstructed with overgrown vegetation and the Clerk was asked to write to the residents accordingly. Cllr Curry suggested putting a piece in the newsletter. Cllr Pomeroy reported that the latest newsletter had been completed and would be issued online. Cllr Noble would look into the suggestion made by Cllr Curry.

b)                          Highways and Traffic – Cllr Clayton made reference to a site meeting with Wiltshire Council carried out in 2020, reporting that further highway patching was due to be carried out shortly on the A361 roundabout down to Goose Street. Cllr Clayton reported that he had prepared a report on highway issues, which he could circulate so that it could be considered at the February meeting. This would include discussion of the 30 mph speed limit and the and the part share of the SID for the parish.  The Clerk was asked to chase Trowbridge Town Council for an update on the plans for the SID deployment.  

c)                           Rights of Way – the Council had submitted a report to the ROW Officer, but no response had been received to date.

d)                          Responsible village citizenship – Cllr Heydon reported that the level of litter in the village was increasing and that the general care of the village was an issue.  He asked whether there were any past campaigns or ideas which the Council could suggest to address this.  Cllr Noble reported that the village had held a Village Clean up in the past, materials for which were still kept and loaned out to residents on request. The good work of local residents was acknowledged. She moved to agenda item e) which had a bearing on this discussion.

e)                          Village Caretaker(s) – the Chair reported that several years ago the PC had employed village caretakers responsible for different areas of the village, which had worked quite well.  This initiative would help address issues raised under item d) above. Cllr Heydon asked whether a Clean Up Day could be organised post-covid and the Clerk confirmed that she would investigate the plans for the Great British Spring Clean 2021.  Cllr Heydon offered to write a piece for local distribution regarding village citizenship.   Cllr Eaton reported he had some signs for dog waste, which could be erected around the village. It was agreed to consider the appointment of a village caretaker at the February meeting.

f)    Selwood Housing – Land at Hollis Way -  the Chair reported that there had been some dumping of trees in the corner of Hollis Way, the majority of which had now been removed although the site still needed a clean-up and the fence was still down. It was agreed that the Clerk would chase this with Selwood Housing.

 2020/92   Planning Applications and Appeals

None at time of issue.

 Members considered planning applications received after the issue of the agenda (where the response time fell outside of the meeting schedule and an extension could not be obtained).

20/11421/FUL - 44 Hollis Way, Southwick, BA14 9PH - Proposed two storey side extension & single storey rear extension – No objection.

20/10632/FUL - 6 A Frome Road Southwick Wilts BA14 9QD - Single storey rear extension and double garage – No objection. 

 Planning Decisions as below listed were noted:


20/10161/TPO - Southwick Country Park Southwick BA14 9QD - T1 Oak - Crown reduce by up to 3m and laterally (SW side) by up to 2m - No Objection

 20/08549/FUL - 48 Hollis Way Southwick BA14 9PH - Two-storey side extension, with single storey extension to rear - Approve with Conditions

 20/02951/FUL - Marshfield Green Lane Southwick Trowbridge Wiltshire BA14 9NF - Conversion of first floor of existing garage building to holiday let - Approve with Conditions

2020/93   Finance

a)                          The Bank Reconciliation and Financial Position Statement as at 31 December 2020 had been previously circulated and was noted.

b)                          Members considered the banking arrangements for the Parish Council; including bank signatories and online banking and it was noted that this had been discussed before in 2020.  It had been agreed that it would be prudent to wait until the May elections and adjust the procedures as required at that point.  Following discussion, it was agreed that the Clerk would send out information on online banking protocols for consideration at the February meeting.

c)                           Members considered a donation to Active Trowbridge (information previously circulated) and it was felt that clarification on the funding arrangements should be sought, given that the school paid for the service. It was also felt that any contribution given should be in proportion to the pupil numbers from Southwick parish using the service.

d)                          Members received and noted the External Auditor’s report for the financial year ending 31st March 2020 (previously circulated). The Clerk was thanked for her work in getting the accounts in good order.

e)                          Members approved the renewal of the defibrillator scheme to May 2022 at a cost of £300.00 for 2021-22 (proposed Cllr Jackson, seconded Cllr Curry). It was noted that the village hall could perhaps be approached for a contribution in the future.

f)   The below listed payments were approved (proposed Cllr Curry, seconded Cllr Eaton):






PAYE January 2021


Indigo Landscape Architects

Revisions to reports


PKF Littlejohn LLP

External Audit 2020-21


Doveton Press

Newsletter printing









2020/94   Parish Council budget and precept 2021-2022

The budget for 2021-2022 was approved and the precept set at £22,012, representing no increase on the overall rate from 2020-2021, representing a Band D equivalent rate of (proposed Cllr Eaton, seconded Cllr Jackson).

 2020/95   Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Cllr Eaton reported the following:

·  The Plan was now being prepared for submission to Wiltshire Council for Regulation 16 purposes and the documents being reviewed for submission.

·  The progress of the Plan would then be dependent on Wiltshire Council.

·  A set of accounts for the Steering Group would be prepared and issued, one more payment for Fowlers was due and the final instalment of funding from Locality had been received. The project was within budget and a contingency fund was in place.

·  Cllr Pomeroy queried with the PC Chair was involved in signing off or reviewing the accounts.  Cllr Eaton confirmed that the majority of the funds spent had been received from Locality.

 2020/96   Councillor reports 

To raise any matters not appearing elsewhere on the agenda – for information only: None.

 2020/97  Date of next meeting

Tuesday 16th February 2021 at 7.30 pm (virtual meeting via Zoom).

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.20 pm.

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