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The most recent minutes are below. For last year's and previous year's minutes please use the link at the foot of the page or refer to the annual collection of minutes in the collected pdf files section on the Parish Council webpage. Please note that minutes are published as DRAFT minutes and will be approved at the next meeting of the parish council. The minutes for an extraordinary meeting will also be posted to this page. Such a meeting could be held prior to an ordinary meeting or after such a meeting.

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Chair: Cllr Kath Noble, 230 Chantry Gardens, Southwick, Wiltshire, BA14 9QX 01225 352503

Clerk:  Nicola Duke, April Rise, 81 Studland Park, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3HN 01373 864127



Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 19th November 2019 in the Village Hall,

Southwick at 7.30 pm.


Present: Cllr K Noble (Chair), Cllr M Boorman, Cllr S Carey, Cllr G Clayton, Cllr J Hayden, Cllr D Jackson, Cllr C McCaw, Cllr F Morland and Cllr E Pomeroy.

In attendance: Nicola Duke (Parish Clerk), Wiltshire Councillor H Prickett, Cllr R Evans (North Bradley Parish Council) and 2 members of the public.


Open Forum to hear from members of the public – None.


                AGENDA ITEM

2019/32                Apologies for Absence

Cllr J Eaton.

Cllr T Curry.

2019/33                Declarations of Interest and Dispensations to Participate

Cllr Carey declared an interest in the planning application relating to 104 Flaxfield Farm as a nearby resident.

2019/34                Minutes of Council Meetings

a)    The minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 15th October 2019 were approved for accuracy and adopted (proposed Cllr Pomeroy, seconded Cllr McCaw).

b)   Members noted that the minutes of the meetings held on 16th April and 21st May 2019 were being re-drafted to take into account comments received from members.  The Clerk suggested that the Parish Council met informally prior to the December meeting in order to agree the final documents, which would then be presented to Council for adoption. Cllr Morland referred to the June meeting, which had established a working group to consider the meetings and clarified that this proposal superseded that arrangement.  The suggestion to meet prior to the start of the December meeting was approved.

2019/35                Wiltshire Council Report

Following a motion to adjourn members received a report from Wiltshire Councillor Horace Prickett, which is appended to the minutes.

 Cllr Prickett drew attention to the SEND proposals being considered by Wiltshire Council, confirming the arrangements under consideration to amalgamate the provision under one SEND school with three campuses.  He confirmed that the closing date for the consultation on these proposals was 6th December 2019 and asked councillors to make any parishioners using the service aware of the proposed changes.

 Cllr Prickett tabled the Boundary Commission report, which he advised would be awaiting central government approval before implementation at the next local council elections in May 2021.  He reported that due to some of the alterations Trowbridge was now 10% over the threshold for electors.

 The changes to the D1 bus timetable were reported on and the new timetable was provided. Cllr Prickett reported that the college would no longer have access to a bus service as a result of the changes.  Wiltshire Council had been asked to subsidise some of the bus services and Cllr Prickett referred to the first morning service to Bath, which had only about 8 regular users. The subsidy requested from the Council had been £9,000 per year, which had not been felt to be a proportionate cost relative to the user numbers. There had been no changes, as yet, to the D2 and D3 service.  It was noted that First Bus had been put up for sale.

 Cllr Prickett reported on outstanding enforcement issues, as listed in his appended report. He asked for the Council to consider an issue relating to unauthorised development at New Lane, off Hoggington Lane. It was confirmed that the Council would consider this, and any response to Wiltshire Council, under agenda item 2019/39 (Planning enforcement).

 Cllr Carey spoke in response to Cllr Prickett’s CATG report, asking whether the PC was required to confirm its support of any CATG request.  Cllr Prickett confirmed that he had raised the WR1 issue mentioned by Mr Lane (at the October meeting) with Kirsty Rose at Wiltshire Council.  It was confirmed that there were two forms which were required, WR1 (for the complainant) and the WR2 (for the parish council).  Cllr Morland stated that the parish council did not need to support the application but to confirm factual information.

 Cllr R Evans (Chair, North Bradley PC) – reported that he had been meeting with Cllr Eaton (SPC) and Cllr Covington (WAPC) to discuss the CGR proposals which affected North Bradley, West Ashton and Southwick.  He reported that a meeting had been arranged for the following week to form a joint panel of action with the three parish councils.  He confirmed that Cllr Prickett would be attending as the Wiltshire Councillor.  He stated how grateful he was that Cllr Eaton was involved in working group and further stated the hope that the group would be able to halt the proposals from Trowbridge Town Council.  He reported that any help or support would be much appreciated and he asked whether the PC would so endorse the joint working group.  The Chair confirmed that the PC was in full support of the working group. Cllr Morland asked whether the parish of Hilperton was being affected by the schemes.  Cllr Evans reported that there was a small part affected under the Trowbridge TC proposals and he confirmed that the Chair of Hilperton PC, Ernie Clarke, had been invited to join the group. Cllr Prickett confirmed that Hilperton was affected but only slightly and that he had spoken with the Chair of Hilperton in respect of this.

 Motion to re-convene.

2019/36                Highways/Environment

a)     Reports from Councillors on matters of concern and to decide what action, if any, to take:

a.       Cllr Noble - reported that tar had been added to the drain cover in Blind Lane. 

b.       Cllr Carey – reported that there had been no update on the request to move the milestone and install the chevrons along the A361. The Clerk would ask Wiltshire Council for dates for the work.

c.       Cllr McCaw – reported a hole in the pavement on Frome Road (A361) the Chair would confirm the exact location with the Clerk for onward reporting.

b)    Members noted information from Wiltshire Council regarding the temporary closure of the B3108 Winsley bypass (information previously circulated). Cllr Morland drew attention to the extreme distance of the diversions.

c)     Members received and considered information/proposals from a resident re: Flood Risk and Short Bypass for Southwick (information previously circulated). The Chair reported that the bypass idea had been considered some years ago and suggested that the document and the proposals be referred to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. Following debate, this was approved.

2019/37                Planning Applications

Members considered the below listed applications:  

 2019/09909/FUL – 104 Flaxfield Farm, Frome Road, Southwick, BA14 9NJ – Removal of former dairy and chicken shed and erection of garage store – Support (proposed Cllr Pomeroy, seconded Cllr Noble).

 19/09649/ADV - Land at the junction of Westbury Road and Phillips Way North Bradley Trowbridge Wiltshire - Proposed Advertisements/Signage – No comment.

 19/10208/VAR - Land Adjoining 29 Wynsome Street Southwick Trowbridge Wiltshire BA14 9RG - Variation of condition 10 for application 19/07384/FUL - (Erection of a dwelling) – No objection (proposed Cllr Morland, seconded Cllr Boorman).

 19/09192/VAR – Marshfield, Green Lane, Southwick, BA14 9NF – removal of condition 2 of planning permission W/98/01394/FUL to remove restriction of use of building as a separate dwelling – No comment (proposed Cllr Carey, seconded Cllr Jackson).

 19/10046/FUL – 4 Lewis Court, Southwick, BA14 9AD – Proposed two storey and single storey extensions to provide a larger kitchen/family room, boot room and additional bedroom on the first floor – Support (proposed Cllr Pomeroy, seconded Cllr Jackson).

 To receive and consider planning applications received after the issue of the agenda (where the response time falls outside of the meeting schedule and an extension cannot be obtained) – None.

2019/38                Planning Decisions, Appeals, Enforcement and other matters

Development at Hoggington Farm, off Hoggington Lane – Cllr Prickett had reported that an unauthorised culvert and gateway had been created at the site.  Members stated their objection to this work, noting that the installation of a gate had created an access across/onto the highway without permission.  The culvert/pipe which had been previously removed as it was restricting the flow of the brook had been re-installed.  The Clerk was asked to write to the Enforcement Officer.

 Cllr Morland stated that he felt the refusal of the planning application relating to the Alpaca Farm, off Breach Lane should be recorded.  It was noted that the application had been refused by Wiltshire Council on the grounds that it was contrary to policy.

 Application Number: 19/03718/FUL

Site Location: Breach Lane Orchard Breach Lane Wynsome Street Southwick

Proposal: The retrospective siting of a mobile home for a temporary period of four years in connection with the agricultural use of the land for the keeping of alpacas.

Decision: Refuse

 2019/39                Finance

a)   Members noted the Financial Position Statement (previously circulated).

b)  Members approved payments as below listed (proposed Cllr Pomeroy, seconded Cllr Jackson):

 Payee                                  Detail and statutory power                      Amount        Chq no

Nicola Duke                      Salary October 2019                                     £603.20          1652

HMRC                                  PAYE October 2019                                      £150.80          1653

XYZ Web Ltd                     Website support for PHP                            £76.08            1654

XYZ Web Ltd                     Annual website invoice                               £306.00          1654

Poppy Appeal                   Donation for wreath                                    £25.00            1655

Hiscock Engineers           Replacement roof for play apparatus    £1,074.00      1656

XYZ Web Ltd                     Re-issue incorrectly addressed cheque £39.00            1654

 2019/40                Governance Documents

a)    Members received the draft documents (Standing Orders and Financial Regulations) as tailored for SPC and considered them for adoption.  Cllr Morland stated that he was unhappy that members had not seen the existing Standing Orders prior to this agenda item. Following debate, it was agreed to defer the agenda item and revisit once members had been provided with the current governance documents.

 b)    Members considered establishing a Staffing Committee of 3 members of the Council to deal with Staffing matters, as outlined in the above Governance Documents.  The Clerk spoke to the agenda item and Cllr Morland spoke against the proposal given that the administrative and legal burden of conducting meetings were the same as those of Full Council meetings. Cllr Carey proposed that a Staffing Committee be established and this was seconded by Cllr McCaw and resolved.  Membership to be determined at the December Council meeting.

2019/41                Community Governance Review

a)     Members considered the information from Wiltshire Council (previously circulated) and agreed the representatives to attend the meeting scheduled for 11 December 2019.  It was agreed that the Clerk and Cllr Eaton would attend.

b)    Members received additional information from Wiltshire Council (email circulated) and noted that the Clerk and Cllr Eaton had offered to complete the necessary forms for submission to WC.  This was approved and it was confirmed that the completed documents would be circulated to members prior to submission to Wiltshire Council.

2019/42                Clerks Report

Members received a report on the below listed items:

a)     Co-option procedure – members had been asked to consider adopting a procedure for co-options (draft procedure circulated).  The Clerk clarified that this agenda item was to agree such a procedure would be useful, in principle. Following debate, it was proposed by Cllr Carey, seconded by Cllr Clayton and resolved to adopt the Co-option Procedure as circulated.

b)    Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – the Clerk had circulated the Terms of Reference relating to the NPSG and these were confirmed as being accurate to the document worked on by the NPSG and the PC.  It was agreed to record that members were now in receipt of the final, adopted document.  

2019/43                Correspondence

BT Payphone Consultation (previously circulated) – no comment.

2019/44                Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr J Eaton had presented apologies for absence. It was noted that the next Steering Group meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 16th November and a report would follow.

2019/45                Councillor reports

Cllr Carey – referred to the CATG report, which had been circulated but not tabled at the October meeting and reminded members of the content of this report as below:

1.    A SID (Speed Indicator Device) was being purchased for shared use, within the Trowbridge area, now that erection criteria were being reviewed/simplified by WC.

2.    Cllr Carey had thanked CATG for the third gateway.

3.    Cllr Carey reminded CATG that SPC was not in favour of horse signs near Hoggington Lane nor a crossing on Frome Road close to the Church.

4.    In a discussion not initiated by SPC members were reminded that agenda items would only be accepted from Parish, Town Councils and WC.

 Cllr Pomeroy – thanked the Chair for attending the Remembrance Service and laying the wreath on behalf of the Parish Council.

Cllr Noble – reported on her attendance at the AGM of the Friends of Southwick Country Park, to which she had provided a file of information.  She reported that she had not been permitted to remain for the meeting which she had been informed was for Friends only.


Date of next meeting

Tuesday 17th December 2019 – to include budget setting for 2020/21 (precept setting to take place in January 2020).

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.05 pm.


Signed – Chairman, Southwick Parish Council

Date of approval and adoption– 17th December 2019


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