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The most recent minutes are below. For last year's and previous year's minutes please use the link at the foot of the page or refer to the annual collection of minutes in the collected pdf files section on the Parish Council webpage. Please note that minutes are published as DRAFT minutes and will be approved at the next meeting of the parish council. The minutes for an extraordinary meeting will also be posted to this page. Such a meeting could be held prior to an ordinary meeting or after such a meeting.

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Chair: Cllr John Eaton, 30 Blind Lane, Southwick, Wiltshire, BA14 4PG 07818 870098

Clerk:  Nicola Duke, April Rise, 81 Studland Park, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3HN 01373 864127


Draft Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council held on

Tuesday 15th November 2022 at 7.30 pm in the Annexe, Southwick Village Hall


Present: Cllr Eaton (Chair), Cllr Snell, Cllr Carey, Cllr Watson, Cllr Noble, Cllr Jackson, Cllr Porter, Cllr Heydon, Cllr Curry and Cllr Prickett.

In attendance: Nicola Duke (Parish Clerk) and 4 members of the public.


Public Participation

Members of the public were invited to make representations to the Council on any matters relating to the work of the Council or to raise any issues of concern: None.


                AGENDA ITEM

2022/58                Apologies for Absence

Cllr Clayton due to prior commitments, accepted.

 2022/59                Declarations of Interest and Dispensations to Participate - None.

 2022/60                Minutes of Council Meetings

 The minutes of meetings of the Parish Council held on 27th September 2022 (revised) and 18th October 2022 were approved for accuracy and adopted (proposed Cllr Curry, seconded Cllr Carey and proposed Cllr Carey, seconded Cllr Porter respectively).

2022/61                Code of Conduct

Members considered the adoption of an updated Code of Conduct (information previously circulated).  Following debate, it was resolved to adopt the LGA Model Code and the Clerk was authorised to tailor the document appropriately (proposed Cllr Noble, seconded Cllr Curry).

2022/62                Wiltshire Council Report 

Cllr Prickett reported that the items he had updates for were listed under the Highways agenda item and he would therefore report at that stage.

2022/63                Highways/Environment

a)  Parish Environment including:

a.       Bus Shelter – the Clerk reported that a quotation had been received from Idverde in the amount of £20,772.  Following discussion, it was agreed to revisit the previous options for the refurbishment of the shelter.  The Clerk would list this as an agenda item for the next meeting.

b.       Drainage ditches in the parish – Cllr Prickett reported that Wiltshire Council were investigating the condition of drainage ditches in the parish and would review areas of responsibility, making contact with any landowner where work was required.  Cllr Prickett would make a further report when he had received an update from Wiltshire Council.

b) Highways including:

a.       Diversion of HGV’s through Southwick and North Bradley as a tactical diversion route for closures on the A36 (correspondence from North Bradley PC previously circulated) – Members agreed to support North Bradley PC in its objections to the diversion proposals and Cllr Prickett would report back to NBPC accordingly.

 2022/64                Planning Applications, Decisions and Consultations

 PL/2022/07986 - 9 Arnold Noad Corner, Southwick, Trowbridge, Wilts, BA14 9NP - Proposed two storey extension and internal remodelling – Support.

 PL/2022/08596 - 11 Church St, Southwick, Trowbridge, BA14 9RA - The proposal is to include a new pitched roof to existing rear/side extension, new bi-fold doors to the rear and internal layout alterations - Support.

 Members considered a planning applications received after the issue of the agenda (where the response time fell outside of the meeting schedule).

 PL/2022/05259 - Land North of Frome Road, Southwick, Trowbridge, Wilts, BA14 9QQ - Erection of 2 no. detached self-build dwellings (Outline application will all matters reserved except access) – It was noted that this was a re-consultation of an application considered at a previous meeting, with the new documents relating to the planting of additional hedging.  Members noted the presence of bats in the area and agreed to leave the determination of the new information to the relevant officers at Wiltshire Council.  The Clerk would submit this comment and draw attention to the Council’s previous resolution in respect of the original application.

 Cllr Snell spoke regarding the application for land at Wesley Lane (PL/2022/05416) and the new plans which had been tabled at the September PC meeting.  It was noted that these plans were not yet available on the WC planning portal and the view was expressed that, this being the case, the Parish Council should not have voted on the application.  The Clerk confirmed from the minutes that the PC had only expressed in principle support with a comment to WC that, due to the new plans, a re-consultation should take place.  A formal response to the application would therefore be considered once the proposals were re-submitted to consultees.

2022/65                Finance

a)     Members received and noted the Bank Reconciliation and Financial Position Statement as at October 2022 (previously circulated).

b)   The below listed payments were approved (proposed Cllr Jackson, seconded Cllr Curry):





Clerk and HMRC

Salary and PAYE October 2022



Playing field cut October 2022


PKF Littlejohn

External audit fee 2021-2022


Nicola Duke

Reimburse payment of hall hire



Cllr Noble queried why the issue of recent payments had been delayed.  The Clerk reported that this was due to an oversight on her part, for which she apologised.

2022/66                Parish Council website

Members considered the current website provision and whether to include financial allocation for a new site in the 2023/24 budget.  Following debate, it was agreed that the current site contained a great deal of out of date information which needed to be cleared down.  The Chair would liaise with the website manager accordingly.  The consideration of a new website would then be discussed at a later date.  The Clerk would make an allocation in the budget for 2023/24 to enable the Council to take this project forward if it so wished.

2022/67                Village Events

a)     Members considered what events, if any, should be arranged to celebrate the coronation of HM King Charles III. It was agreed to arrange an event along similar lines to that arranged in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee. The event would be held on either Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th May 2023. Cllr Watson took a provisional booking for both days and Cllr Noble would reach out to local organisations to ask for involvement.  The Clerk would add further discussion of this item to the agenda for the next meeting.

 b)   Members received and considered information from Trowbridge Town Council re: Beat the Street (previously circulated) and Standing Orders were suspended in order to allow an office from TTC to address the Council.  Information and background to the event was tabled together with confirmation as to funding obtained for the event. Members noted that a suitable site for the box would need to be identified in the village.  It was felt that Southwick Country Park might be a suitable location although it was noted that this would require liaison with the Park. Following the discussions Standing Orders were re-instated.  It was proposed by Cllr Eaton, seconded by Cllr Curry and resolved to support Beat the Street in principle, with an allocation of £500 being made in support of the event.

2022/68                Neighbourhood Plan for Southwick

The Chair reported that the PC’s consultant had worked up a timeline for the review of the NDP and that the majority of the work would need to be completed by October 2023.  It was anticipated that the review of the Plan would take between 15 and 18 months to complete.  The Chair confirmed that a launch meeting would be arranged in early December and, in response to a question, confirmed that anyone interested in joining the Steering Group should contact the Clerk for an application form.


2022/69                Correspondence


2022/70                Southwick Village News

Cllr Noble reported that she had contacted the previous editor and confirmed that there was one refund due to a local company.  The Clerk would arrange for this to be paid. It was noted that the contact information for the new editor had been included in the October minutes and this was reconfirmed as

2022/71                Date of next meeting

Tuesday 20th December 2022 at 7.30 pm – given the proximity of this date to Christmas it was agreed to convene a Planning Only meeting if required.   


There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8.32pm.

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