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                                                        SOUTHWICK  PARISH  COUNCIL

                                                          Chairperson – Dan Jackson

DRAFT Minutes of the Southwick Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 19th September, 2017

At 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

PRESENT     Cllrs.  D. Jackson (Chair), S. Carey, G. Clayton,   T. Curry, J. Eaton, J. Jones

                      F. Morland, K. Noble, E. Pomeroy. B.Sansom, L. Weeks.

                      Wiltshire Councillor – Mr. H. Prickett

                      Two members of the public initially.                       


1486 Welcome by the Chair.

The Chair welcomed those present.

1487 Apologies  - None  

1488 Declaration of Interests.

No declarations made.

1489 Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting held on the 15th August, 2017

The Minutes were agreed and signed a true record.

1490 Minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting held on the 24th August, 2017.

The Minutes were agreed and signed with one alteration – date to read 29th August.

1491 Community Policing Team (CPT)

No report received.

Concerns – Speeding in Blind Lane, parking in Wesley Lane.  The Clerk to into

the possibility of making Blind Lane “Access only”.

1492 Wiltshire Council Report -Cllr. H. Prickett.

Cllr. Prickett read a statement expressing his disappointment at being asked to sit

apart from the Council.  In future the meeting will be adjourned for Cllr. Prickett to

give his report and then reconvened in accordance with Regulations.

Parking Charges Consultation - Proposed  charge 80p per hour – letter of objection sent.

Tom James of the Hope Nature Centre believes this will discourage visitors/users of


1493 Highways/Environment.

The Clerk to contact Pat Whyte the Area Highway Engineer over the state of the mini

roundabout on the A361 junction with Wynsome Street.

1494 Planning

The Draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation.  After discussion Cllr. Eaton agreed to submit

objections on behalf of the Parish Council. Cllr. Morland commented our objections should cover to equate the figures for Trowbridge and Chippenham.  Also the red line on the southern boundary is far too large. Four plans received – 17/08345/REM – 17/07938/FUL – 17/08476/LBC- 17/08617/FUL.

 It was resolved to hold and extraordinary meeting on the 3rd October. 2017 at 7.30pm

 to discuss these applications.

1495 Neighbourhood Planning

Wiltshire Council have appointed Geoff. Winslow as our Link Officer.

Locality have awarded us £8,137 a further £325 is requested.


We have received the Terms of Reference from the Steering Group.

Public consultation meeting to be commenced in October.

 Steering Group members are Cllrs. Eaton, Jones and Weeks.


David King has been appointed to assist  the Group = cheque requested 4,875- the

First tranche of his charges.

1496 Standing Orders.

Copies of current S.O’s given to members in May 17.

1497 Agenda and Minutes

 a) Agenda -It was resolved in future the agenda be timed boxed.

b)  Minutes – It was resolved both the agendas and minutes be electronically sent  

to Councillors.  Cllrs. Pomeroy and Weeks to receive hard copies.

c) Voting breakdown – All against.

1498 Community Fund

Review of Terms – Cllrs. requested that the £500 could be waived for “special cases”.

Resolved each application to be considered on its merit.

1499 Finance

  1.  Current Financial position – details sent out with agenda.
  2. Agree payments to be made.  Payments agreed.

      Greenacres £565.36

P.B. Sansom £424.80

Doveton Press £365.00

Grant Thornton £240.00

XYZ Ltd. £31.25

David King £4,875.00

 1500  Banking.

  1. Electronic transfers – It was resolved payments to be made by cheque for the moment.
  2. Neighbourhood Planning – Request for segregation/ringfencing of funds – Agreed.
  3. Signatories – withdrawn.  Grant funding to be signed- off by existing signatories for

time being.

1501 Website

Requires updating -August Minutes – Neighbourhood Planning – Clerk vacancy.

Cllr. Eaton to be the architect on the website.

1502 Appointment of Clerk

Job description to be in Southwick Village News.

One enquiry received. Advertised on WALC website.

1503 Members Reports

Cllr. Pomeroy advised that as we haven’t got a vicar the Remembrance Service may be

changed this year.

Date of next meeting 3rd October, 2017 at 7.30pm.            Signed


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