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 Minutes of the Southwick Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 18th September, 2018

at 7.30pm in Southwick Village Hall.


Cllr. K. Noble - Chair, Cllr. D. Jackson - Vice Chair, Cllr. S. Carey, Cllr. G. Clayton,

Cllr. J. Eaton, Cllr. F. Morland,  Cllr. B. Pitney, Cllr. E. Pomeroy.

Wiltshire Council - Cllr. H. Prickett.

6 Members of the public.


       Cllr. Rickett gave his report - See attached.



       Residents expressed their views on the proposed extensions to the Traveller Site

      at Poplar Tree Lane, not satisfied with the lack of enforcement from Wiltshire Council.

      It was suggested they contact the Ombudsman.

      51/18.  APOLOGIES.

       Apologies for absence received from Cllr. C. McCaw and Cllr. T. Curry and The Clerk.


       None declared.

      53/18  MINUTES.

      The Minutes of the Southwick Parish Council Meetings held on the 17th July, 2018 and

      14th August, 2018 had not been received by all Councillors.  It was resolved to defer the

      signing of the Minutes to the September meeting.  Cllr. Morland did not receive the

      Agenda for the meeting held on the 14th August, 2018.


      No report as PCSO Melissa Glover not in attendance.

      Concern expressed over the lack of policing within the Village.


     Road sign outside 52b Frome Road (A361) Engineer required to inspect stanchions.

     Untidiness outside shops on Frome Road.

     Blind Lane/Wesley Lane - raised manhole cover and deep pothole.

     Large hedge on Wynsome Street, overhanging the pavement, requires cutting back.

     Hedge in Church Street required cutting back.

     It was resolved the Clerk draft a letter to those residents whose trees and hedges

     are causing obstruction.  Councillors to deliver and keep a record of the house number.

     Mr. M. Greatwood of Wynsome Street has complained to Wiltshire Council over hedges

     and blocked gullies etc.

     56/18  PLANNING

     a) Applications -

      18/08510/FUL - 42 Chantry Gardens, - Rear and side extension.  Councillors resolved to

      support this application.

      b) Decisions.

      17/11150/FUL - 94 Frome Road - Single storey rear extension - Approved.

      18/04521/FUL - 96-98 Frome Road - Car Wash - Refused

      18/05555/LBC - Tellisford Packhorse Bridge - Replace parapet - Approved.

      c) Other Planning matters.

      Doric Engineering resubmission.  Objections as before.

      Traveller Site - 5 Poplar Tree Lane - It was resolved the same letter to be sent to

      Cllr. Prickett and to Head of Planning at  Wiltshire Council for enforcement.

      “It was resolved that Southwick Parish Council urgently request Wiltshire Council

      to issue “Stop Notices” and “Enforcement Notices” to control all development on

      site that do not have planning permission.”

     57/18  FINANCE.

     Business Account balance as at     15.8.18 - £37,706.35

     Treasurers Account balance as at 22.8.18  - £ 1,854.17

     Review and authorise payments.

     Greenacres July £282.68

     Greenacres Aug.£282.68

     Clerks Salary       £432.30

     Clerks Exps.         £ 31.50

     G. Edwards          £ 76.08 EXZ Ltd.

     It was resolved all payments be made.


     Cllr. J. Eaton gave the following report.

      Current Events - 1) The ‘new look’ SG met for the first time on Tuesday 28th August.

      The meeting went very well and was generally very constructive.

      2) David King has resigned as Southwick’s Consultant.  His resignation was formally

      accepted at the SG meeting on the 28th August.

      Search is now on for a new Consultant.  Three consultancy practices have been

      approached so far, Fowler Architecture of Pewsey and John’s Associated of Bradford on Avon

      and Whites of Bristol.

      Fowlers attended the SG meeting on the 28th August and has provided an outline estimate

      for their services.  John Associates have subsequently advised of a conflict of interests with

      Wiltshire Council and have dropped out of the running.  We are still waiting to hear back

      from Whites.

      3) Participation at the Annual Village Show.  A really good day, very positive and a lot of

      Support for the NDP voiced by the residents who visited the stall.

      Where we are against plan.

      Three week Residential Consultation Engagement process has completed.  Results of

      Questionnaire and entire Consultation process shared with Wiltshire Council for Screening.

      Should hear back from WC around mid Oct with results of their analysis.  We can then

      Publish documentation on the Parish Council website with all the results from the

      Questionnaire and Consultation Engagement.

     David King’s resignation will slow things down, but is probably happened at the best point of the

     project’s life-cycle as we have a natural pause while Wiltshire Council complete Screening.  But

     overall, we will extend the project timeline by around three months.

    Financial Summary.

    Budget £23,000 .  Grant funding £17,000.  So far spent £12,290.  £4,700 still to be claimed, plus

    £6,000 from Parish Council funds. Cost of new consultant from now until the end of the Plan

    around £8,000.  Future expenditure - more services, advertising costs and printing.

    Cllr. Morland - have all interested parties i.e. businesses, school, agencies and organisations

    been contacted? Answer, still to do.

    59/18   MEMBERS REPORTS.

    Cllr. Pomeroy reported on the recent vandalism in the Playing Field - seat broken and the

    Fort on the mound set on fire.

    Cllr. Pitney commented on the lack of support by the Police.

    Southwick Electoral Division - Southwick are going to be very unhappy with the proposal

    by the Boundary Commission. It was resolved to hold an Extraordinary Meeting on Tuesday

    25th September, 2018 at 6.30pm to discuss this issue.  Cllr. Jackson gave  his apology as he

    Is unable to attend.

    It was also resolved to discuss Doric’s resubmission at this meeting.

    Date of next Southwick Parish Council Meeting  -  16th October, 2018 at 7.30pm.

    Signed                                                     .   

    The Chairman - Cllr. K. Noble.



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