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There are vacancies for a parish councillors details may be read here parish council vacancy

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Wiltshire Councillor for Southwick:

Horace Prickett



Planning Applications: Both new and extant planning applications are listed in the latest Parish Council agenda.


PC meeting are held in the Village Hall Committee Room at 7.30pm on the third Tuesday of the month.

Any member of the parish is welcome to attend. Should they wish to address the meeting they must inform the Clerk or Chairman before the start of the meeting.

Freedom of Information Requests and Responses

These may be found at: FOI


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Meeting Minutes - Links to monthly meetings which include previous years minutes.

January      Agenda
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Please note:

The most recent minutes are published as draft minutes, earlier minutes are approved by the parish council and displace draft minutes.The previous year's minutes will display until displaced to another page by this current year's monthly minutes. Any extraordinary meetings agendas and minutes will be published on the appropriate monthly web page and might displace that month's agenda and minutes to "Past Year & earlier meetings". The factor being the most recent agenda or minutes will be visible.

Annual Accounts

Southwick Accounts 2015-2016    Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Southwick Parish Council Accounts 2020-21
Southwick Parish Council Accounts 2021-22

Southwick Parish Council Accounts 2022-2023

Southwick Parish Council External Audit Report 2022-2023