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Neighbourhood Plan

What is neighbourhood planning?

Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. They are able to choose where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built, have their say on what those new buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided, and grant planning permission for the new buildings they want to see go ahead. Neighbourhood planning provides a powerful set of tools for local people to ensure that they get the right types of development for their community where the ambition of the neighbourhood is aligned with the strategic needs and priorities of the wider local area.

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The Parish Council, as the qualifying body, has established a Steering Group to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Southwick, with the help of the local community.  The Plan will set out a vision for the future of the Parish and has planning policies and aims, which if passed at referendum, will be adopted by Wiltshire Council and used to determine planning applications locally.  Residents, landowners and local businesses are now invited to give their views on the following documents that have been prepared as part of the evidence base for the Plan.

Consultation will take place over a four-week period, beginning on Monday 15th July 2019 and ending on Monday 12th August 2019.

Copies of the documents can be viewed at and commented at Southwick Village Hall, Frome Road, Southwick, Wiltshire BA14 9QN

Alternatively, you can download the documents from the Southwick Parish Council website (draft documents above) and submit comments by email to the Neighbourhood Plan consultant or by post to Southwick NDP, Fowler Architecture & Planning Ltd, 19 High Street, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5AF

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Southwick Neighbourhood Plan: Call for Sites

As part of the Southwick Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), it is important for the Steering Group to consider the merits of making site allocations for development at the ‘Large Village’ of Southwick in order to help meet local needs of settlements and to improve employment opportunities, services and facilities. The Steering Group are therefore undertaking a new ‘Call for Sites’ to enable landowners and developers in the parish who have an interest in promoting their land (in whole or in part) for development.

A Parish Housing Needs Survey undertaken by Wiltshire Council on behalf of the Parish Council has recommended that 8 affordable homes are required in the parish for those households unable to afford accommodation on the open market, with specific recommendations for the tenure and size of units. We are therefore looking for sites that will help us reach this target, either through a mix of affordable housing and open market housing or through exception sites of only affordable housing. We would also welcome details of land that you may wish to see taken forward to provide wider community benefit such as designated space for health facilities.

This is an opportunity for landowners and developers to propose sites within the designated Southwick Neighbourhood Area for development. This exercise will not in itself decide whether a site would be allocated for development by the NDP, nor will it commit the proposer(s) to applying for planning consent, but it will enable the Steering Group to better understand the availability and suitability of land to meet the needs and wishes of the electors within its area.

If you are a landowner or developer and wish your land to be considered for allocation by Southwick NDP for development up to 2026, please complete the following form. Please return the form, together with a map clearly identifying the boundary of the site with any supporting evidence to the NDP Lead Consultant by 17.00 on Friday 28thth June:

Aaron Smith, Fowler Architecture and Planning, 19 High Street, Pewsey, Wiltshire SN9 5AF, or email:

In completing the form please:

  • use a separate form for each site, or part of site
  • complete the form as comprehensively as possible
  • submit sites that are likely to become available for development or redevelopment and deliver the use before the end of the plan period (2026)
  • submit sites that could accommodate more than one dwelling.

Do not submit sites that:

  • already have planning permission for development unless different proposals are identified
  • are outside of the designated Southwick Neighbourhood Area

Site submission form

For a site to be considered the form must:

  • include details of the person submitting the site, the landowner and the appropriate contact
  • be accompanied by a map clearly detailing the boundaries of the site
  • be legible

Please also submit any supporting technical information that you consider it would assist the NDP Steering Group consider the suitability and delivery of the site and your specific proposal(s).

Details of person/s submitting the site for consideration







Telephone number


E-mail address


What is your interest in the land?


Details of Landowner





Telephone Number




Contact details





Telephone number


E-mail address


Site details

Site name


Site address


Site Postcode


Is the site in multiple or single ownership?


Current and previous use of the land


Is there any relevant planning history associated with the site?


Estimated site area (ha)


Potential constraints to development

By identifying such constraints, they may be able to be addressed and development realised sooner than otherwise

Are there any physical constraints (such as topology, pylons, marshland, or access to utilities) that would limit development?


Is there direct access to the land from the primary road network?


If not, has the cost of access been considered and if so, is the site still economically viable?


Is the land contaminated?


Are there any covenants on the land, which may prevent development?


Does the site have ransom strips?


Are there any factors that might make part/all of the site unavailable for development?


Is there any known developer interest on the site?


Has the economic viability of the land been assessed by a developer? If so, what was the outcome?


Are there any other issues that the council should be aware of that are not identified above?


Has work been undertaken to consider how these constraints may be overcome? If so please explain and provide copies of any technical reports to demonstrate how the constraints can be overcome.


By identifying this site, you are giving permission for a member of the NDP steering group (or consultants) to access the site to ascertain suitability. Are there any access issues, if so please provide a contact number below?

Phone number for access


Ambitions for the site

Please detail the proposed uses for the site and the scale of this development, provide as much detail as possible.

Residential (please tick)


Other uses (please tick and specify use)


If the site is proposed for residential use, how many dwellings are considered to be appropriate?


What type(s) and numbers of housing are considered to be appropriate and how many units are anticipated in the following categories?

  1. Open market housing
  1. Custom / Self-build
  1. Affordable Rent
  1. Social Rent
  1. Discounted market sales housing
  1. Starter homes
  1. Other affordable routes to home ownership
  1. Sheltered housing for older people

If housing is proposed, would you consider providing suitable, adaptable and accessible homes for older people?


If the site is proposed for other uses, how much floorspace and how many units are proposed?


How many dwellings are anticipated to be developed on an annual basis (from 1 April to 31 March)?















Please provide any comments on the proposed delivery timetable.


Other comments


Please do not hesitate to contact Fowler Architecture & Planning Ltd on 01672 569444 should you have any questions on how to complete this form.

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