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The most recent agenda is below. For earlier agendas, for example, last year's, please use the link at the foot of the page.The agenda for an Extraordinary meeting will also be posted to this page.Such a meeting could be held prior to an ordinary meeting or after such a meeting

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Chair: Cllr Kath Noble, 230 Chantry Gardens, Southwick, Wiltshire, BA14 9QX 01225 352503
Clerk:  Nicola Duke, April Rise, 81 Studland Park, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3HN 01373 864127

To: All Members of Southwick Parish Council

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Tuesday 18th August 2020 at the Village Hall, Southwick commencing at 7.30 pm for the transaction of the business shown on the agenda below.

Nicola J Duke - Parish Clerk
13th August 2020

Public Participation
The Chair of the Parish Council will invite members of the public to present their questions, comments and petitions submitted under the Council’s Public Participation Procedure at the start of the meeting. Please note that the Clerk will record the names of those wishing to address the Council together with the subject matter prior to the start of the meeting and each speaker will be permitted 3 minutes in which to address members. Members are reminded of their obligations under the Code of Conduct.


2020/35    Apologies for Absence
Council to receive apologies for absence. LGA 1972 s85(1).

2020/36    Declarations of Interest and Dispensations to Participate
a)    To receive declarations of interest in respect of matters contained in this agenda, in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972 in respect of officers and the Localism Act 2011 in respect of members.
b)    To receive any dispensation requests received by the Parish Clerk and not previously considered.

2020/37    Minutes of Council Meetings
To confirm and sign as a correct record the minutes of the following meetings of the Parish Council (copies attached):
Annual Council Meeting held on 16th June 2020
Ordinary Council Meeting held on 16th June 2020

2020/38    Wiltshire Council Report
Following a motion to adjourn to receive a report from Wiltshire Councillor Horace Prickett.  Motion to re-convene.

2020/39    Highways/Environment
a)      To receive reports from Councillors on matters of concern and to decide what action, if any, to take.
b)       To receive an update from Cllrs Boorman, Carey, Clayton and Eaton on issues relating to Wynsome Street (if available).  
c)       Highway matters including the implications of the revised Westbury incinerator plans

2020/40    Planning Applications and Appeals

20/05638/FUL - Land rear of Hoopers Pool, Hoopers Pool Lane, Southwick, Trowbridge – Provision of access track
20/05995/FUL - Blue Barn Farm, Lamberts Marsh, Southwick, BA14 9PD - Conversion of existing stables into dwelling house and associated operations
20/05971/PNCOU - Romsey Oak, Bradford Road, Wingfield, Trowbridge, BA14 5LS - Notification for a Change of Use of Agricultural Building to 4 no. Dwellings
20/06775/WCM - Northacre Energy from Waste Facility, Stephenson Road, Northacre Trading Estate, Westbury, BA13 4WD - Amended energy from waste facility to that consented under Planning Permission 18/09473/WCM

To receive and consider planning applications received after the issue of the agenda (where the response time falls outside of the meeting schedule and an extension cannot be obtained).

2020/41    Parish Council Accounts year ending 31st March 2020
a)    To receive and consider the Annual Internal Audit Report from the Internal Auditor; reviewing its findings   and the effectiveness of the system of internal control
b)    To prepare and approve Section 1; parts 2 & 3 (Annual Governance Statement 2019/2020) of the AGAR
c)    To consider Section 2; parts 2 & 3 (Accounting Statements 2019/2020) of the AGAR
d)    To approve Section 2; parts 2 & 3 (Accounting Statements 2019/2020) of the AGAR; signing and dating the statements accordingly

2020/42  Finance
a)    To receive and note receipt of the Bank Statements and to approve the required bank transfer from the Reserve Account to the Current Account
b)    To consider the potential for the use of online banking for the processing of Council payments
c)    To approve the below listed payments:                  

HMRC    PAYE June July and August 2020     £452.40
Zurich     Playing Field insurance         £2,766.85
Simon Pritchard    Internal Audit 2019-20        £95.00
Greenacres    Grass cutting June             £282.68
Microshade     Neighbourhood Plan IT support     £134.40
Cllr Eaton     Neighbourhood Plan expenses    £708.43
(Royal Mail delivery - £600 Posters and banners - £98.99 Postage - £9.44)
AVA Recreation     Play Area                 £520.03
Doveton Press    Newsletter printing             £375.00
John Fox    Newsletter honorarium        £50.00

2020/43    Amendment to Standing Orders
To consider a suggestion that the PC updates its Standing Orders to include a requirement that at the end of each meeting the PC decides the type and place of meeting in addition to its existing practice of deciding date and time - such an amendment to be as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2020/44    Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
To receive a financial statement and report.

2020/45     Councillor reports
To raise any matters not appearing elsewhere on the agenda – for information only.

2020/46     Date of next meeting
Tuesday 15th September 2020 at 7.30 pm.  Members to note that, if agenda item 2020/43 is resolved, the type and place of the meeting should also be set.

2020/47    Confidential Information
In view of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted at Agenda Item 2020/48 members are asked to consider resolving that the press and public be excluded from this part of the meeting.

Such a resolution would be in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 Sec 1 (2), which states "A body may, by resolution, exclude the public from a meeting (whether during the whole or part of the proceedings) whenever publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons stated in the resolution and arising from the nature of that business or of the proceedings; and where such a resolution is passed, this Act shall not require the meeting to be open to the public during proceedings to which the resolution applies.’’

2020/48    Staffing Matters
a)     To carry out a review of the Clerk’s Contract of Employment
b)     To carry out the annual salary review

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