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The most recent agenda is below. For earlier agendas, for example, last year's, please use the link at the foot of the page.The agenda for an Extraordinary meeting will also be posted to this page.Such a meeting could be held prior to an ordinary meeting or after such a meeting

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Southwick Parish Council

Chairman Daniel Jackson

Agenda for the Meeting of Southwick Parish Council held in the Village hall, Southwick at 7pm on Tuesday 19th September 2017

1 Welcome and Introductions

The Chairman welcomes those present.

2 Apologies


3 Declaration of interest.

To declare any interest.

4 Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 15th August 2017

Minutes to be agreed and signed

5 Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held 24th August 2017

Minutes to be agreed and signed

6 Community Policing Team

No report received.

7 Wiltshire Council Report

Cllr Prickett provide Wilts Council report

8 Highways / Environment

Members to raise any issues with highways and environment

9 Planning

Four plans received- 17/08345/REM- 17/07938/FUL- 17/08617/FUL

10 Neighbourhood Planning

11 Standing orders

Copies of current SO given to members in May 17

12 Agendas and minutes

Minutes and agendas distribution to Cllrs

13 Community Fund

Review of terms.

14 Finance.

Agree payments to be made.

Greenacres- Grass Cutting- £565.34

Doveton Press- Village News- £314

PB Samson- laptop- £424.80

Grant Thornton £240

XYZ Ltd £31.25

David King- £4875 

15 Banking

A Electronic transfers for future payments

B Neighbourhood Planning- Request for segregation of funds.

C Signatories- Change signatories?

16 Website

Requires updating – August Minutes- Neighbourhood Planning- Clerk Vacancy

17 Appointment of Clerk

Job description in village news.

18 Members Reports

Member to raise any issues or concerns.

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